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50th Anniversary souvenirs

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of our school, we prepared a variety of souvenirs for parents and alumni to purchase. You shall not miss the chance as all souvenirs are of limited editions and highly collectable. All proceeds of the sale will be used for school development purposes after deducting the costs.

(1) Kei Tsun figure


The small school building reminds us of the great love of Christ and Kei Tsun. The transformation of the school uniform also allows us to witness the inheritance of the school. The cross on the school building represents that the Lord Jesus Christ accompanies all teachers and students all these years. As you build the model, you at the same time piece together a beautiful campus time.


(Sample image)

(2) Cooling towels of the three houses

In addition to wearing the PE uniforms to represent the houses which students belong, they can now make use of the cooling towels to present unity as well. No matter they are participating in inter-house activities or feeling hot after exercising, the towel can send you a burst of coolness as long as it is wet.






(3) Eco-friendly folding cup

The eco-friendly folding cup is light and easy to carry. It is a must-have for takeaway beverages. It can be folded when it is not in use. As it is made of environmentally friendly materials, it is non-toxic and harmless, at the same time resistant to cold and heat. It also comes with a leak-proof lid and an insulated cup sleeve. All accessories can be detached and cleaned.



(4) Reusable bag

The reusable bag can be used for multi-purpose. You may use them to reduce the use of plastic bags when shopping or carry supplies for Visual Arts or PE lessons when going to school. In addition to storing the large bag, the small bag can also be used as a coin bag, which is very practical.

Size:Large 370*110mm、Small 195*140mm


(5) 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins (Limited Edition)

Kei Tsun especially casted 50 commemorative gold coins for the 50th anniversary. Apart from the school emblem and the 50th anniversary logo, each school commemorative gold coin is engraved with an independent number and comes with an exquisite brocade box, which is of great collection value.



(6) 50th Anniversary Commemorative Envelopes (Limited Edition)

The 50th anniversary limited commemorative envelopes are of special significance because they were designed by our teachers and students. Students designed the stamps, and teachers designed the envelopes. Special attention should be paid to the stamping date, which is September 1, 2021. It is just 50 years away from September 1, 1971, the date of our school’s establishment.


(Sample image. Actual sales are counted by one piece)