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Old photos of Kei Tsun

In 1971, the Hong Kong Government implemented the free primary education policy. To satisfy children’s need for education, the Council built a primary school with a total of 30 classrooms in Tai Kok Tsui and named it "Kei Tsun Primary School". The headmaster of morning school was Mr. Dennis M. B. Tai and the afternoon school headmistress was Miss Stella Chan. The school commenced on 1st September, with 26 morning classes and 21 afternoon classes providing basic education to students in Tai Kok Tsui.

In addition, on 25th September, Dr. Ho Chung-chung (MBE, JP) was invited to host the opening ceremony.


Time flies. Morning school headmaster, Mr. Tai retired and Mr. Chan Wo-on took over as the morning school headmaster in 1985. In 1992, the afternoon school headmaster also retired and Ms. Koo Siu-yin took over as afternoon school headmistress. In the following year, Ms. Koo was transferred to another school and Ms. Wai Siu-ping took over the position of headmistress. Until the year 1995, morning school headmaster, Mr. Chan Wo-on retired and Ms. Wai Siu-ping took over as the headmistress of morning school and Mr. Mak Chun-yeung as the headmaster of afternoon school headmaster.

In 1995, the school established Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) to strengthen communication and co-operation between parents and school. The school also became   a pilot school of promoting home-school co-operation. The PTA consisted of 13 standing committee members. The school headmaster and student guidance teacher held the position of ex-officio members. Other members including 2 teachers of senior rank, 3 teachers and 6 parents were selected by elections.


In 1996, afternoon school headmaster Mr. Mak Chun-yeung left the position and Ms. Kuo Oi-yi took over.

 To promote effective learning, the school adopted activity approach in teaching. Through meaningful and theme-based learning activities using body and mind, students became active learners. Moreover, in 1998, the school joined the 3-year "Hong Kong Accelerated Schools Project" organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This project conducts teacher development and training for our current teachers and carried out regular visits and exchange programs. Furthermore, the project worked with the school in developing teachers’ professional competence, for example, skills of cross-curriculum design, lesson observation and evaluation.

In 1999, afternoon school headmistress retired and the position was taken over by Ms. Koo Siu-yin. In the same year, Kei To Mongkok Church commenced providing Gospel activities for afternoon school students, strengthening church-school co-operation.

In 2000, the school set up a school management committee to initiate a new journey in management of school. The members included supervisor Ms. Kam Kuo Oi-yi, school manager Mr. Luk Fai, headmistress Ms. Wai Siu-ping, headmistress Ms. Koo Siu-yin, vice-headmistress Ms. Cheung Yuk-ying, vice-headmaster Mr. Kong Hing-siu, Mr. Wu Wai-Kam, Ms. Lo Pik-wan, Ms. Wat Man-ming, Ms. Liu Kit-ling, Mr. Liu Siu-nin, Mr. Lee Wing-wai, Pastor Tang Wing-chiu, Ms. Cheung Wai-lan, and Mr. Tong Lim-hoi. At the same time, the school joined the "Education and Support Services for Newly-arrived Children" plan sponsored by Quality Education Fund and organized by the Education University of Hong Kong, with the aim to provide professional teachers training courses, to organize Hong Kong - Guangzhou exchange programs and to carry out consultation activities in order to assist newly-arrived children in meeting their learning and developmental needs.


In 2001, Pastor Tang Wing-chiu served as the supervisor. The afternoon school headmistress Ms. Koo Siu-yin retired and the position was taken over by Ms. Kan Yin-ling. In 2002, Mr. Fung Sau-cung served as the supervisor. Ms. Wai Siu-ping retired and Ms. Ho Lai-man took over the position of morning school headmistress. In the same year, morning and afternoon schools changed to whole day school. The morning school remained in the same school in Tai Kok Tsui and continued serving students in the district. The afternoon school moved to Sham Shui Po and was renamed as Ying Wa Primary School, managed by the school management committee of Ying Wa College.

Upon changing to a whole-day school, the school underwent different types of educational reform in 2004. Student-centered learning was implemented in Chinese and Mathematics, advocating high level of teacher-student and student-student interactions and activities, which arouse students' self-learning. 

Next, Putonghua was used as the medium of instructions in Chinese lessons with the goal to improve students' listening and speaking skills in Putonghua.

Moreover, the school set up computer rooms to provide students with rich information technology support. 

In addition, the school took part in "NEoAGTD Project" which aims to allow students to take advantage of current resources in school to discover their potentials. Through the 1-year training in this project, students' higher-order thinking, research ability and self-concept can be strengthened and promoted.

In 2005, the school was granted funds by Education Bureau for school maintenance and improvement. The 8-storey new wing building consists of a school library, a multi-purpose room, an activity room, and a computer room for students to have a better learning environment.

In the same year, School Alumni Association was officially formed to strengthen the connection and cohesive power among alumni, as well as to promote school development.

In 2007, the school officially set up Incorporated Management Committee. The members included supervisor Mr. Fung Sau-cung, headmistress Ms. Ho Lai-man took, Pastor Tang Wing-chiu, Mr. Fung Ho-leung, Mr. Tang Chiu-kwong, Headmistress Ms. Wong Kwai-ling, headmistress Ms. Pang, Suk-mei, Mr. Chung Chi-kong, Ms. WatMan-ming, and Ms. Lo Siu-fong.

In 2008, Kei To Mongkok Church opened a new branch called Tai Kok Tsui Kei Tsun Church, to graze our school teachers and students, and continue the development of the Church ministry to achieve the mission of delivering comprehensive preaching services in the corresponding district and to put down the root of Gospel in students' heart.


Ms. Li Sin, Lai-wah took over the position of school supervisor in 2010. Headmistress Ms. Ho Lai-man was transferred to another school and Mr. Hung Chi-lung took over as the headmaster. 

That year, the school received approval from the Education Bureau for implementation of small class teaching from Primary 1. 

In terms of tangible support, the school was granted Quality Education Fund to set up distance learning for our students to learn through interacting with students in Mainland China by using computer system as a medium. The learning contents included creating ceramic pottery, Chinese idiom stories and Mathematical Olympiad, etc.

In the recent years, students have participated in overseas learning tours to broaden their horizons.

Since the past forty years, the school has been facing different forms of transition. With the hard-work and support from our supervisors, school management committee members and teachers, we could survive until today. It has not been easy for the school to survive different challenges such as education reform and decline in student population. In spite of the challenges, with the grace of God, and teamwork of school committee and teachers, the school will continue to provide education to children in this district as well as to support their development through provision of quality basic education.