Learning Support


  • 透過「全校參與」,建立包容性的學習環境,加強教師之間的團隊精神,校內其他人員亦能與教師共同承擔責任,照顧學生的個別差異和特殊教育需要。

To establish an accommodating learning environment through the adoption of a whole school approach. Other staff members and teachers share the responsibility to take care of students’ learning diversity and special educational needs.


  • 及早識別、及早支援有不同學習需要的學生,安排適切的學習支援輔導及調適。

Arrange appropriate learning support and adjustments with early identification and support students with different learning needs.

  • 促進家校合作,加強與家長的溝通,增進家長對有特殊教育需要的學生的理解和接受。

To promote home-school co-operation and enhance communication with parents to raise their understanding and acceptance of students with special educational needs.



Supporting Services

  1. 「駐校教育心理學家計劃」

‘School-based Educational Psychologist Scheme’ 


An educational psychologist based in the school provides regular assessments and referral services for students in need based on the principles of early identification and early support. She also provides consultations for teachers and parents to support students with special education needs.



  1. 言語治療服務

Speech Therapy Service


A speech therapist provides adequate speech therapy and follow-up services for not only students, but also the school, parents, and teachers. The service helps enhancing overall students’ language abilities in three aspects: prevention, treatment, and improvement.


  1. 拔尖課/增潤課

Elite Classes / Enrichment & Consolidation Classes


Through Elite Classes, the learning potential of high-ability students can be cultivated. Their self-confidence and capabilities of the subject(s) can also be enhanced. Meanwhile, lower-ability students can master the basic knowledge of the subject(s) through enrichment class so that their learning interest and motivations can be raised.


  1. 新來港學童支援

Newly-arrived Student Support


Induction programme and after-school English tutorial classes are provided for immigratory students to help them assimilate into local learning environment.


  1. 校本課後學習及支援計劃




  1. 非華語學童支援

Non-Chinese-Speaking (NCS) Students Support





In line with the spirit of Christian philanthropy, our school is committed to provide a friendly and harmonious environment for students of different nationalities.

We have a Big Brother and Sister Scheme which aims at letting the NCS students in P.1 to adapt into our school life. Senior students take care of and chat with them during lunch recesses.

Our school has received additional funding from the Education Bureau to have Chinese lessons with the NCS students from P.1 to P.3 in small groups The Chinese curriculum of P.1-P.3 in our school is tailored to let students learn step by step and lay a good foundation so that they can link up to the Chinese curriculum in senior grades properly. 

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In addition to learning in school, we organise diversified learning activities for NCS students. Teachers take students to visit places like Hong Kong Disneyland and the Golden Bauhinia Square. We hope they feel included in our society and adapt into life in Hong Kong more easily.





  1. 其他




Training groups are arranged according to students’ individual needs (e.g. Reading and Writing Group, Play Therapy, Social Group, Attention Training Group, Balloon Twisting Programme). Group and individual training support are provided so to improve their confidence, overall learning, behavioural and social skills. 


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「照顧有特殊教育需要的學生 — 樂在家、網學易」